Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gone For Awhile....

Brilliant morning....
Saturday morning dawned bright and somewhat hazy. You know....that golden/silverish haze that comes with early Fall mornings?  You don't? You should get up on a clear Fall morning and go check that out sometime then.

3GR was happening again, and once more I thought I would be on my own. No one met me at the Gateway Park parking lot. I resigned myself to another solo ride when after about a mile, I ran into Mike coming back the other way to hook up with me.

So it was that we chatted and rode away the morning. A very pleasant, warm Fall morning. We remarked on how much corn had already been harvested. The recent rains have made the roads nearly dust free, and the roads super smooth. The Clement USH tires were run at a slightly lower, tubeless setting, and were dreamy smooth. The ride went off without a hitch.

Of course, the traditional, (by now), Cup of Joe's stop happened. Finally, I took my leave of Mike and made my way back home. I had a quick grilled cheese sandwich, and in the time it took to make it and eat it, the rear tire on the Orange Crush was flat!

I investigated, and I found a small-ish slit in the side wall, right on the hot patch. I tried to get it to seal up, took it off the bicycle and tried the usual things, but to no far.  I'll have to wait until after Interbike to deal with that now. Kinda disappointing, really.

Oh well, I'll be gone for awhile now, so what are ya gonna do......

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