Sunday, December 28, 2014


The Dirty Kanza 200 was co-founded by Joel Dyke
Got some sad news today. Joel Dyke, the affable, wiry guy that helped start the Dirty Kanza 200, was found dead this morning due to a tragic accident in his home.

I always liked Joel from the minute I met the guy. I first found out about him when he got in contact with Jeff Kerkove and I concerning how someone could put on such an event as Trans Iowa. Joel and his friend, Jim Cummings, were interested in maybe doing something similar down in Kansas. Jeff and I were really excited to find out about this and we did what we could to encourage them. In fact, Joel even came up and rode in the first and second versions of Trans Iowa.

Joel Dyke, (L) at T.I.V2
Joel was a kind, sweet soul and I will always remember that when ever he e-mailed me he would refer to me in his notes as "sexy pants". At first, that took me aback, but I came to realize it was just his sense of humor towards those he thought well of.

He also would be quick to encourage me if he sensed I was struggling with something having to do with Trans Iowa. He would often message me or e-mail me, always ending his encouragement with "big grin".

It's been a long while since I have seen Joel and now I won't ever again here. I'll miss his encouragement and all he did to encourage cycling and especially self-supported gravel rides. However; his memory and his influence will live on. Every time I see wild flowers lining a lonely stretch of gravel with a horizon of blue sky punctuated by puffy clouds, I'll look beside me and see a ghostly image of a lanky gent with a toothy grin on bike with a rug snake and think about Joel Dyke.

Ride On..............#biggrin

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MG said...

Amen Brother... Joel was top notch.