Saturday, December 13, 2014

Last Gravel Of 2014?

New tires will get christened today
Today is an opportunity day. It is abnormally warm here, and despite threats of mist and occasional rain, this can not be passed up. So, as if by appointment, some new tires showed up for test and review on Riding Gravel. They are a Panaracer made tire called the Cazadero by Soma. They run 42mm wide and look pretty interesting. Anyway, more on that coming soon, obviously.

So, I knew that whichever bike I chose, I would have to fit fenders on it, or at least clip on mud guards. I immediately thought about the ol' Orange crush rig. However; after some further thought about why it was that I hadn't ridden it in awhile, I remembered that it really needs a bottom bracket and the drive train has wear issues that need attention. A new chain at the least. Maybe more than that.

Okay........what then? Well, that leaves the Tamland. Yep! It has fender mounts! Okay, so I get busy with tires and mounting up the fenders and the rear tire goes smoothly. I did notice that these Cazaderos are nearly the equal of the Rock & Road tires, also Panaracer made. Uh-oh! I remember when I had the Rock & Roads on the Tamland and there was very little clearance in spots. The front was an issue with the Cazadero. I was going to have to do some modifications.

First up was how to clear the disc brake caliper. I did that by using a longer bolt and stacking Presta valve nuts in the gap I needed to create between the fender stay and the mount on the fork. Now I could try the tire for clearance. Uggh......not enough in front of the fork. The crown on the Tamland is a bit thicker and the area between the bottom of the crown and top of the tire was minimal. Hmmm......out came the Dremel! A bit of "bzzzt"! and some cleaning up of the new edge and I had shortened the fender back to the mount and the whole thing sits behind the fork now.

Okay, so I had that done and then it was new bar tape time. A nice roll of fizik black stuff and I had the bike ready. Stay tuned for a ride report later..........hopefully. This could be the last good gravel chance of the year.

I know many of you are getting ready for next year's events. You can find out about many gravel events by checking out the Riding Gravel calendar of events HERE. I'm transferring over events and it'll take a while, but if you are a promoter, there is a way to enter your own event on that page at the bottom. Check it out.

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Scott Redd said...

I'll be interested to read your long term review of the Cazadero. I love my tubeless Rock 'n Roads, but they wear so quickly. I'm on my second set in less than a year.

I hear the Cazadero might last a little longer, so that could be less trouble and expense over the long term.