Saturday, December 06, 2014

Strange Magic

So far.....
Surly 1X1 Update:

It has been plenty busy around here of late, but I have scraped up a few bits and have found time to install them on the 1X1 bequeathed to me by former Europa employee, Brian.

Here's the parts listing so far:
  • Super ancient Shimano cantilever brakes. Probably "Deer Head" era ones, and someone painted one set flat black. Hey, they'll work! 
  • Mountain Goat "Goat Horns" bull moose style chrome plated bar/stem combo. I thought a product named "Goat Horns" was appropriate here. 
  • Some old Ergon grips in white that I've had around since '08 or so on sevearl different bikes. 
  • Bontrager seat post. It's long enough, silver enough, and darn it! I like it!
  • Black Salsa Cycles Lip-Loc seat binder. 
  • Black Mavic 221 rims laced to black Shimano Parallax LX hubs courtesy of El Presidente' Ari of the Slender Fungus
  • NOS Panaracer Magic tires in the cream color with skin walls. 
  • Ergon SM-3 saddle in black.
  • A pair of Shimano Exage cantilever brake levers. Circa '93. Bought from Dave's Closeouts at Frostbike ages ago. Actually, I think they were free.
That's it so far. I have to find a 118mm bottom bracket, then I can install my '90's ere LX square taper cranks and Surly ring with a 16T cog I am buying from a friend. Grab some old binned chain, cable up the brakes, and that will be that.

Stay tuned!

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