Monday, December 08, 2014

Trans Iowa Clinic Report

Last year this was Tacopocalypse, but it will be Sam Auen's newest business location soon.
Trans Iowa Clinic Report 2014:

The clinic was to happen on Saturday and much of the logistics for the event were pulled together by Steve Fuller and Mike Johnson, two riders with longtime ties to Trans Iowa. I and my family departed from Waterloo mid-morning and had a trouble free drive to Des Moines where we met up with Steve and Mike who were both deep into the set up process by the time we got there. I bid my family adieu for the day as they left on their own adventures. Meanwhile, I caught up with Steve and Mike and we put the finishing touches on the venue set up.

Actually, things were going so smoothly that we found ourselves with a ton of time on our hands. We didn't really need to be back until 4:00pm and it was a little after 1:00pm. Sam Auen, the proprietor of Tacopocalypse and the upcoming Krunkwich Ramen House, was running errands and stopped by and chatted us up a bit before we took leave of him and walked a few  sunny, warm blocks to Tacopocalypse's new location where we had a great Asian-fusion meal. If ever you get to Des Moines Iowa, it's worth the trip to the historic East Village to check it out. 

Setting up for the evening's clinic
You can see the note taking sheets Mike made and some of the expo of bike accessories and bikes here. 
We had a decent turnout.
After hanging out at Tacopocalypse we went back to the venue and it wasn't long before folks started coming out to see the stuff on display, chat, and get settled in for the clinic. Andrea Cohen, one of the panelists, rode over from Iowa City, about a 100 mile ride, just to take part in the event. We had one fellow drive from Michigan to be there, and a few came over from Nebraska. It was pretty amazing!

Panelists L-R: Mike Johnson, Steve Fuller, Andrea Cohen, Dan Buettner, and Sarah Cooper
I kicked things off at 5:00pm and for the next three hours we covered a ton of information specific to Trans Iowa events and to gravel riding in general. The panelists all shared some insightful and valuable tidbits. Afterward we all received several thank yous and heard from attendees that they got a lot out of the clinic.

Of course, I was glad to hear that, but for me the biggest thing was being able to have the perspectives of Andrea Cohen and Sarah Cooper on these things. The fact that they have finished Trans Iowa before and are doing great in other events speaks volumes to what women are capable of in cycling and gravel events in particular. My hope is that these great women are able to encourage more like them to go out and have fantastic adventures of their own.

That's always been a goal of mine, to see women be successful at Trans Iowa, and Janna Vavra was the first to finish off a Trans Iowa, which for me has been one of the major highlights of any Trans Iowa for me. Now we see even more women competing and becoming successful, which I think is beyond awesome. But I digress.......

The clinic was a success, and very smoothly run, once again. Thanks again to all involved, and we'll see you who are riding in Trans Iowa next April.


Exhausted_Auk said...

Isn't the young lady's name Janna Vavre? I'm pretty sure all the ladies who have ever finished Trans Iowa so far have a first name that ends in an "a", or at least sounds like it could (Yes, that means you, Sarah)! Maybe that should be a special prize(s) for TIv11 - any lady who finishes and whose name neither ends in an "a", nor sounds like it could!

Guitar Ted said...

@Exhausted_Auk: Yes......I screwed that up! Sorry Janna! And thank you for pointing that out. I've corrected it now. - Guitar Ted