Tuesday, December 09, 2014

No Snow? Don't Panic- FATBIKE!

Even this ice will probably disappear by the weekend.
It is funny, really. Folks that have fat bikes that grouse about not having snow, that is. While plying your trade as a fat biker in the snow is certainly a rewarding pastime, it isn't all you could be doing with the corpulent tires.

There are soft surfaces everywhere. Sand, mud, marshy areas. Usually off the beaten path too. Rocks and gravelly areas are awaiting your floatiness. Go forth......prosper! 

I get the feeling that some folks bought fat bikes to ride on snow in Winter.....only. While that is their prerogative, I know they are missing the lion's share of the fun to be had on fat bikes. I never see any of the local's tracks on the sandy beaches around the lake pictured above, even though I know many of them ride right around it, as an example. I chase deer trails, and never see anyone elses tracks back in the woods. Heck, even the muddy holes seem to be devoid of fat bike tracks. Weird. 

But, as I say, to each their own. Just let it be known that going "out of bounds" is what a fat bike does best. Try it. You may have more fun than you ever thought possible. Or do not try it and enjoy the bike the way you are. I am just saying I feel you may be missing out on the best part about owning a fat bike, snow or no snow. 


George said...

Yup, I couldn't agree more. Fat bikes aren't only for snow. Mine has a fair amount of mud on it from my Friday ride. Lotsa FUN!!!

Andy said...

We have miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches here on the lake Michigan shoreline that we ride year round.

coastkid said...

Here in the UK 90% of the UK see`s next to no proper snow- ok we did 4/5 years ago during the freak Artic condition winters, The early year round abopter`s of Fatbikes for year round riding were in the coastal sand areas but that changed quickly as interest grew in the last 2-3 years.
Most UK Fatbike riders ride their bikes where they rode their regular MTB`s and that is forest, open Moorland, and rocky trails as well as the usual areas where a Fatbike is easier to ride and maintain forward motion to a regular MTB.
It is gonna get real big here in the UK!