Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dirty Kanza 200 Transfer News

Last weekend, on Saturday morning, a lot of people hit up BikeReg.com for a slot in the upcoming Dirty Kanza 200. The event sold out in record time, a little over 2 hours, and many folks were left outside looking in. The DK200 doesn't handle a waiting list, and they used to do transfers, but even that has put a strain on the small, dedicated staff at Dirty Kanza Promotions. So, they hatched a plan.

The DK200 folks contacted RidingGravel.com and a plan to set up a special thread on the forums to handle the transfer of entries from those who cannot make the event for some reason to those who have posted and expressed an interest in buying an entry.

The Dirty Kanza 200 has three races within the event that people are searching for entries for so they can ride this Spring in the Flint Hills. Those three are the full 200, of course, the "Half Pint", which is 100 miles, and the 50 mile event.

The procedure for transfer is clearly laid out at the head of the thread. If you need to sell an entry, or are looking to get one, check it out HERE.

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