Saturday, January 02, 2016

Geezer Ride 4: News

Announcing some details on the fourth Geezer Ride
Geezer Ride 4: May 7th, 2016

The next Geezer Ride will happen May 7th out of North English, Iowa. Time and specific location for parking/ride start will come later, but this post will detail the ride as far as I know about things.

A while back, a Geezer Ride veteran and gravel road riding aficionado, Martin Bunge, approached me with the idea of running the next Geezer Ride in his neck of the woods. He even asked me if he could come up with the route! I agreed that this would be cool, and just the other day he let me in on his ideas.

So, as I have stated above, finer details will be forthcoming, but Martin has shared with me that he would like the route to start and end in North English, Iowa. North English has a history with Trans Iowa, and many memorable scenes were created when the route passed through there. Most recently that would have been in Trans Iowa v10, where a lot of riders bailed out due to the crazy head winds that day. Trans Iowa v5 saw a pivotal break of three riders start their 200+ mile break away at the Casey's in North English. The next year, during the weather shortened T.I.v6, the event had its makeshift finish line at the Malt Shoppe in North English. So, some big memories for me and many others have been sprouted in North English.

This Geezer Ride may well add to my North English memories, as Martin suggests we start there and end the day at the Malt Shoppe. In between we should roll through Keswick, Iowa, where we will have a possible convenience store stop and water refill opportunity. Martin also says we'll have some cool Level B roads and perhaps we will see some Amish territory in there somewhere as well.

I've been in the territory of this ride many a time, so you can expect some big hills, but our route will also have tamer terrain as the East-West part of the route won't run across the ridges as much as the North-South roads do. It is beautiful country, with many wooded areas, and the remoteness of the countryside will definitely give you the feeling that you've gotten "off-the-grid". Oh......and cell phone reception will be sketchy in places. Yeah, it's definitely rural!

So, that's all I have now, but if you want to come to this one, feel free. 'Cause.......ya know......the Geezer Rides are free! For more information on just what a Geezer Ride is and to keep up with the finer details on Geezer Ride 4, hit this link!

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