Friday, January 01, 2016

See you out on the gravel somewhere......
Happy New Year!
From Guitar Ted Productions

Here's hoping that 2016 is Peaceful, Healthy, Enjoyable, and Exciting.

Stay tuned for more opinions, reviews, and daily gobble-d-gook from the addled mind of Guitar Ted. Plans for the year include, but are not limited to, gravel road riding, competing in a few events here and there, and general hobnobbing and mischievous deeds. 

Once again, I thank you all for stopping by at this little nook in the "inner-googles" and taking the time to read and/or comment. I appreciate that you do this very much. I will strive to continue to make this a place where you want to come everyday, as many of you have told me that you do, and I pledge to be faithful in posting here, unless Adventure or Chance takes me away. 

Raising a toast to the New Year.......

Onward through the fog! 

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