Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Trans Iowa v12: Sponsorship News

More than just a header!
Every event I do has help from volunteers, and in the case of Trans Iowa, sometimes from folks that love the event. They want to play a part, but are not looking for any kind of return in the public eye. Just knowing that they helped gives them satisfaction. This next story is concerning an individual that fits this description.

While I cannot reveal the identity of this person, I can tell you what this person is doing for Trans Iowa. It's a pretty cool gesture, in my opinion, and I think folks will really appreciate this. Especially if you are like me, and get a kick out of stickers. See that header image from the Trans Iowa site? That will be getting translated into a 4" X 8" sticker, just right for displaying on your vehicle, work bench, or kegerator.

It should be exactly as you see here, or pretty darn close. There was a discussion about putting on the mileage, but I figured that Trans Iowa isn't always about finishing the event, and maybe if you didn't finish it, and the mileage was on the sticker, you would not feel comfortable sticking the sticker up. If ya know what I mean. So, the mileage was left off.

Not only that, but this will also be translated into a banner, much like we had at Trans Iowa v11's checkpoint #1. So, hopefully this time the banner will make the rounds on the course instead of just getting to the first checkpoint! I'm sure many T.I.v12 hopefuls have similar ambitions!

Images, recon, and more....
I also wanted to give a shout out to my friends and invaluable helpers, Wally and George, who have been with me since Trans Iowa v7. Wally started out by wanting to be a chase vehicle guy on a moto, but eventually wound up doing Checkpoint #2 with George for Trans Iowa v7 and v8. If you were lucky enough to have been at either one of those remote checkpoints, you know that they were legendary stops. Wally and George then became my defacto Spring recon cue card checkers and course checkers. Wally, with capable assistance from George, have also been the "Official Photography" for Trans Iowa the last several years as well. Many of you have seen the excellent work Wally puts out, but what you may not know is that during the years Wally has been a friend and asset to Trans Iowa, he transitioned into becoming a full time studio owner/operator. His business, The Studio at 46 West, has become a place known for quality imagery and I am proud to say that I have had Wally out to Trans Iowa to do what he does.

One of Wally's images from the weather shortened T.I.v11 last year.

I'm certain that if you have an event, or need something special in the realm of imagery, Wally can find a way to pull it off and make your jaw drop. He's a very talented guy, and I am blessed to have him as a Trans Iowa supporter, and more importantly, a friend. Check his stuff out, it is really good.

I'm also really excited to be partnered up with WTB who have taken a shine to Trans Iowa and have done some extraordinary things along with Trans Iowa. They have introduced tires with Trans Iowa, and last year, Trans Iowa got the very first samples of the highly acclaimed Nano 40 TCS tires, which were the first tires introduced with a systemic approach that included rims and a tubeless accessory ensemble which made going tubeless a really easy thing to do.

This year they plan on doing something again with Trans Iowa, which I feel will be extraordinary and well received by the riders. I cannot say exactly what it is yet, but I am really excited about this, as this will be, in my opinion, one of the most popular things WTB has done on the gravel side of cycling so far. Yes, even bigger than the Nano 40 TCS tires. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I don't think so. Stay tuned......

Look for another Trans Iowa sponsorship post coming soon. 


Unknown said...

Although I’ll never ride Trans Iowa, to show my support for the event and sponsors, I just ordered a pair of WTB Vigilante’s for my mountain bike.

Keep up to good work.

Unknown said...

My dream is to ride cycle on this trans lowa track. So i making plan for next week to go there.