Sunday, January 31, 2016

Minus Ten Review- 4: Computer Issues

HAL 9000- The line up of ancient computers that used to run the shop.
Ten years ago this week on the blog I had computer troubles and there weren't but three posts for the week and those were mostly updates I posted from the shop to let the meager amount of readers here know what was up.

Posting from work, well......that wasn't cool, really. Interestingly enough, and some of you may remember how it was then, blogging was seen as an "upstart activity" back then. Managers and owners were afraid of bloggers and how they were "pulling curtains down" and showing who the Wizard of Oz really was behind all the smoke and fire. My boss was one of those folks for quite some time.

Then there was my utter lack of any technical skills. Computers? I could hen peck at the keyboard and barely make Blogger function back then. If anything went wrong, I was sunk. Fortunately, I married well, and Mrs. Guitar Ted happens to be a whiz-bang tech person with skills beyond her schooling. She just has a knack for electronic devices. So, back then she diagnosed my computer, (we each have our own computers to this day, by the way), and figured out that mine had somehow gotten a bad virus. Turns out it had FOUR viruses, and the local computer joint fixed me up. That marked when my wife installed some pretty burly anti-virus, fire wall stuff on my computer and that hasn't happend since those days, thankfully.

Now ten years on, I still am not really well versed in computers, and to wit: My partner does ALL of the techy business for that site. NOT me! I'm definitely not that guy.

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