Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Mechanic's View: 2

No wordy post today! Just wanted to share some views from the shop. It is Winter, and I have a bit more time on my hands these days. I figured I would take a few "close up" views of some of the work I have been doing of late. I used an iPhone 5s this time, and I used an Olympus Tough TG-3 camera on the "Microscope" setting, then I did a little post-processing fooling around, and that's it.

These aren't meant to be great "photographs" because I simply don't care what "technicalities" are offended or encouraged in my take on these. I simply look at this like drawing or painting, and the end look overall is what pleases me. Maybe you'll like them, maybe not.

Nuff said, here's the images for today.

Shimano "333" shifter for a 3 speed internal gear hub from an old Huffy 20"er. 

Var Cotter Pin Press


Unknown said...

The shifter looks like the one on my 1969 or 70 Sears all chrome 20" bike with a banana seat with flames on it. Rode that bike all over when I was a kid ... and knocked myself a few times on that shifter mounted on the top tube.

TinyRVLife said...

Ted, do you mind putting captions on all the photos? Or is guessing what the part is half the fun? ;)

Guitar Ted said...

@STF_ill: Well, being a bike mechanic, some of these items seem- to me anyway- to be rather mundane, well known bits. So, I guess I never thought that they needed a caption. Perhaps I need to rethink that one.....