Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Views '17

I have been on a walking kick for fitness for well over a year now. I walk around the neighborhoods a lot and see lots of things, obviously. The Christmas lights are something I look forward to enjoying now on my walks and I figured maybe all of you might like seeing some of the humble displays we have here.

Unfortunately it didn't snow until Christmas Eve morning so I don't have any shots to share with the fresh snow. But be that as it may, here are a few humble shots, all taken with the new Tough TG-5, by the way.

And the grand finale'!


Tim said...

I got to assist my 92 year old father put up lights on shrubs outside his home in New Mexico. We spoke of the simplicity and beauty of a string of lights. This took us both to the memory of our large evergreen on the farm in Minnesota. Dad would place the wooden ladder in the loader bucket on the Allis Chambers and string lights. Those huge, colored bulbs had a glorious glow in the rural darkness. Thanks for stirring memories! I'll take simplicity over glitz. Part of my reasons for riding gravel.

Cory said...

Amazing what you can see right in front of ya when u take a walk and look around Ted. Beautiful pictures. Amazing what u will miss in a car.