Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nerding Out On Bikes

I've spent an inordinate amount of time nerding out on bikes, but I'm not the only one.
Bike nerd here. Maybe you are as well? How do you know? Maybe if you cannot keep from constantly thinking about "improvements" to your bicycle. Maybe if you are super curious about "that other guy's rig", or how that set up works. Basically, you think "bike" all day.

If any of that fits you, it may mean that you are a "bike nerd". I am, (big surprise!), so are a lot of other folks. It's okay.

So, to that end I post today about one of the "OG" riders of what is now known as "Tour Divide". Back then, it was "The Great Divide Mountain Bike Race" and one of its pioneers was Mike Curiak. He has been randomly posting his memoirs and images drawn from his experiences racing the Divide in the early 00's. Mike recently posted an article on his bike choices here. It is a fascinating look at the gear and why he chose it. He also goes on to explain what he would use if he were to attempt Tour Divide today. That's "if" as in "never again", according to how I am reading that, but it is a good look into how Mike would choose his bike and basic set up.

This is all especially interesting to me for several reasons. First off, the obvious- it is about bicycles. Then I find it fascinating since Mike has often said that Tour Divide is essentially a gravel race/route. That makes what he is saying about bikes very relevant to my interests. Mike also did the first Trans Iowa, on his Moots YBB, by the way, so there is also that connection. Finally, Trans Iowa drew most of its structure and rules straight from Mike Curiak himself. Even the full, original name of the event I am known for drew its inspiration from the GDMBR- "Trans Iowa Mountain Bike Race". (Jeff Kerkove and I decided to drop off the "Mountain Bike Race" part of the name after V1, but the official name of the blogspot site still includes that bit.)

At any rate, if you enjoy nerding out on bikes as much as I do, check out that link and get ready to go nerdtastic!

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