Saturday, December 30, 2017

Minus Ten Review- 52

I got sponsored by Twin Six ten years ago.
Ten years ago on the blog here I was wrapping things up for the third time for "Guitar Ted Productions". That week I received a package from Twin Six which contained all sorts of clothing and accessories. Those guys at Twin Six are all right by me. Always have been. They also make some fine gear. (I'm typing this out while wearing a wool hoodie I purchased from them.) I haven't been disappointed too many times by their stuff. There has been the occasional flop, but whenever there was something amiss, they always have been attentive and have gone way above their duty in taking care of me.

So, while I am no longer "sponsored" by T-6 I still buy stuff from them, at full pop, mind you, because it is good stuff and looks great. So, all that to say that I've been a T-6 fan since way back.

Otherwise it was a cold, icy week ten years ago and not much cycling was done. I hinted at maybe how things might change with the blog due to my involvement in the now defunct Twenty Nine Inches site. I thought and was led to believe that I would be seeing some significant income from that site, and, of course, it never materialized and well...... So much for all of that!

It's kind of funny to reflect on this now as the TNI gig did have many residual blessings and things happened to me and for me during that stint that I am forever thankful for. Things worth far more than money. However; it is hard to not pick up the bitter sword and take a stab at what caused several years of frustrations and stress. That's the danger in looking at the past! You may find out you haven't let go as much as you need to.

But I am learning to let it go. Onward to the next year's worth of "Minus Ten" reviews..... I'll begin looking back at 2008 next weekend.

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