Monday, December 04, 2017

Bikes Of 2017: Big Dummy

On a recent recycling run.
It is that time of year when I start reviewing the bikes that got me through 2017. Many of these bikes have been tweaked and changed so I will talk about that and why they were important to me this past year.

The Big Dummy is a bicycle I wanted to get my hands on for many years. I shouldn't have waited so long. I love having the thing around.

I most often use it for recycling duties. Once in a great while I do a Post Office run or go to the grocery store with it. But most often it's loaded with cardboard, plastic milk jugs, and clear glass for recycling. Sure, I could do those blue cans that the City will come and pick up, but that's not getting me outside and pedaling.

Now when the Surly guys and gals introduced the Big Fat Dummy, I was taken aback. Then Salsa Cycles re-introduced the Blackborow as a cargo carrying fat bike. Now what?!! The siren song of fat bike wheels made both options attractive to me. However; for the way that I use my Big Dummy, it just doesn't make sense to dive into getting a bike that I would not need the capabilities of for probably 8-9 months out of the year. Besides, I can do a studded set of tires for this bike and I can have a second wheel set with those ready to go anytime. For getting around town, that would likely do what I needed.

So, while what I do with my Big Dummy isn't all exciting and adventurous, (in fact, it probably is boring), I really have enjoyed having it around. Those bigger wheeled, fatter tire cargo bikes are all cool, sure, but they aren't necessary to do what I do with the Big Dummy. Don't expect any exciting stories anytime soon related to this rig!

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