Thursday, September 27, 2018

Barns For Jason: Fall 2018

In years past I had a bit of a contest with Jason Boucher of QBP/Salsa Cycles in regard to posting images of barns, which he happens to love. Barns that is.....

Anyway, Iowa vs Minnesota in terms of barns seems to be, and has been, a bit of an unfair advantage to me. Barns in Minnesota seem to be far more scarce than down here. So, stipulations as to how I could gather the images were made. I could only post pictures of barns seen while I was riding and I couldn't post the same barn twice. I have tried to stick to that since. But even then, I still wallop Jason in the barn pic numbers. So, eventually he bowed out. That said, I ended up loving doing this so much I keep posting new barns when I find them.

So, despite there being no "barn image contest" anymore, and whether or not Jason even sees these anymore, well.....none of that matters. I'm going to keep documenting barns as long as I ride gravel. Here are some from my ride yesterday......

This was about a quarter mile off my route.
And this one was practically in the road!
Sometimes they are tucked away in a wild growth of trees and underbrush.
I saw a couple unusual cinder block barns with rounded roofs.
Typical barn in my area.
The other cinder block barn I saw.
Barn quilts aren't super common in Black Hawk County. Note the apple tree and apples on the ground.
So, to illustrate how "unfair" an advantage I have over Jason, most of these barns on this post are all on the same road! Generally speaking, if I haven't been on a specific stretch of road, I can take it and pretty much be guaranteed I'll find at least a few new-to-me barns.

Hope ya'all enjoyed that!


Greg said...

Do you see many pheasants when you're out riding? I've never been to Iowa, but I know it's known for them.

Guitar Ted said...

@Greg D- Occasionally. I saw a nice hen last time I was out before Wednesday. I see more Hungarian Partridges, actually, than I do pheasants.

I did see three deer Wednesday along side the road I was on. Got pretty close since I was downwind and they couldn't smell or hear me coming right away. That was fun.