Saturday, September 01, 2018

Minus Ten Review -35

More review tires and things were coming in for "Twenty Nine Inches".
Ten years ago this week on the blog I was yapping a lot about the upcoming Interbike trade show I was scheduled to attend for "Twenty Nine Inches", which was the website I worked for back then that covered all things 29"er. There were a lot of things up in the air that year, and we were supposed to all meet up in a rented Vegas house that year.

Then I was yapping about the Green Belt. 2008 was the first year the City of Waterloo decided to do clean up in the Green Belt using an end loader, the size you would use to fill a dump truck with. Before this they went through twice a year with a Brush Hog type mower which kind of retained the natural single track tread, for the most part, which had been established for......maybe decades. But then....

The damn end loader obliterated a lot of that old tread. The fact that the thing was ginormous made the City take it around bigger trees we used to go in between.  Of course, this radically changed the Green Belt and ever since, this sort of "trail maintenance" has been the rule more so than not.

Fortunately they left "Marky-Mark" alone, which was the trail connector I put in along Ridgeway Avenue in 1997-98. I've only seen that trail become "publicly" acknowledged once, on a trail map published by the City recently. They named it some dorky, obvious name, but whatever. At least it is seen as an "official trail" in some aspect, instead of a bandit trail, which it was for many, many years.

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