Monday, August 02, 2021

Country Views: Flora And Fauna

Adventures On 4th Street: My way outta town Saturday.
Well, I wasn't supposed to ride alone, and I was supposed to ride a big, 77 mile route N.Y. Roll had laid out, but things didn't work out that way. Probably for the best, for me, as it turned out.

First, the reason I missed N.Y. Roll's ride- That was on me. I changed some things on my Noble Bikes GX5. I did not get to test ride the bike, due to the weather Friday, since it rained. Well, I didn't get the cassette tight enough, and it was rattling and well..... Back home I go! I was about half way to the ride meet-up when this was discovered. 

Anyway...... An easy fix, but by the time it was taken care of I had missed the ride start time. I had let N.Y.Roll know and when I was ready, I just went and did my own ride headed North. The wind, what there was of it, was out of the North and so, I decided to take in a tailwind home plan. I went out of town via 4th Street and Donald Street to reach Moline Road and finally out onto the gravel.

I haven't even reached the gravel yet on Moline Road and there is a deer (Left side) running ahead of me.

The eaves of the rain clouds head South- I'm headed North!

Immediately upon getting on Moline Road I see a deer. That was cool! Then, I rode out from under the gloom of clouds which had brought the rains Friday and into Saturday morning. In fact, it had spit some precipitation on me as I was heading out of town. But once I cleared the city, I was in fine, if not a bit cool, weather. 

Blue skies....

......and Sunshine!

See, when you've been subjected to high humidity and temperatures in the upper 80's and lower 90's for the better part of July, riding when it is in the low 70's and not so humid feels 'cold'. Ha! We Mid-Westerners are going to be absolutely freezing on the first 50 degree day this Fall! 

The corn and bean crops keep on maturing.
Little pale pink prairie roses 

This time of year things get kind of 'hairy' and wild looking in the ditches and fields where the wild plants flourish. Plants are blooming everywhere, and grasses have matured and are turning brown already. The tall corn cuts off your view in many places and this lends a bit of a closed-in feeling which you don't get when it is "Brown Season" or in the Winter and early Spring. Coupled with the heat and humidity, it feels like your are getting wrapped up into a warm, green, vege-blanket. 

This Collie-looking beast was so unkempt looking- and vigilant! I had to dismount here.

The Red Winged Blackbirds gathering on the high lines.

I came across an obstacle near the corner of Moline Road and Marquise Road. It was large, hairy, unkempt, and barking incessantly. It was in no mood to allow me to ride by. So, I dismounted and talked to this beast as it continuously barked and went back and forth up the road as I approached, what I assumed to be, its home. That was where another barking dog, on a chain, was also staring me down and would have joined the larger dog, had it been free to do so, but thankfully it could not. 

Of course, the owner was either gone or not paying attention to the goings on. I ended up walking about a quarter mile before this mangy looking mutt, with slavering jaws agape, decided I was no longer a threat and let me mount up and ride away Eastward. Finally! Peace and quiet throughout the land!

A nice splash of pink here near the corner of Marquise Road and Sage Road.

Not much further South- A splash of yellow.

The delay with the dog was no big deal. I wasn't feeling 100% on this day anyway. And here is 'Reason #2' that it was good that I did not go on the big ride. My right knee was a bit painful at times. I had a very sluggish feeling overall, and I was a bit tired. At one point I actually let out a big yawn! I turned down the wick a bit and just toodled along. 

At least the wild flower show on Sage Road was worth pedaling out for. I saw all sorts of flowers and they were all beautiful. I had made it up to the county line, and decided to turn back with the wind and head back home. There was no sense in digging a bigger hole for myself to have to recover from.

A quick rest stop at The Big Rock.

This opportunistic grasshopper finds relief from the Sun in my bike's shadow.

Yeah, it was a really good thing I did not try a big ride like the 77 miler N.Y. Roll did Saturday with a couple of friends. I would have had to have bailed out on that anyway. Or....I would have stupidly kept going long after I should have bailed. Glad I didn't go now.... Not because I didn't want to be with others, but because I just wasn't feeling it Saturday. 

 I guess I really never noticed how far you can see from this hill on Sage Road.

Allis in chains: Looks like a Model C perhaps?

I eventually made my way back home, and for the next three hours I sat bobbing in and out of sleep. Eventually I went down for a two hour long nap. I was knackered! Even after I ate a lunch. Didn't matter. I was down for the count the rest of Saturday afternoon. At least I got something of a ride in and had a bit of adventure anyway.

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