Saturday, August 07, 2021

Seems Some Folks Miss It

Fifteen years ago on the second GTDRI event. Image by C. Heintz
 Social media is definitely an odd thing. Totally a love-hate relationship for me. On the one hand, it has ruined a lot of our culture and how individuals get along, and on the other hand it has fomented good changes in culture and brought up memories of times past which are- sometimes- good. In the case of the last week or so, it has mostly been good times that have resurfaced on Facebook concerning the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational

If you've been around this blog a few years or longer, you know all about this ride. If you are new, hit that link to see all the reasons why that ride might be of note for some. There is about 15 years of history behind the ride. 

When COVID hit, obviously I wasn't going to hold a GTDRI. So, last year I dropped the "I" at the end of the ride's name and did a solo version of it. Just like in the beginning of that whole idea. When 2021 looked as though things might open back up, I just was not feeling motivated anymore to invite a gaggle of folks on the risk that 'it might be okay' to do so. I wasn't convinced it would be in time to set anything up, and so I let it go and declared an end to the series. Except for myself, that is. I do have a GTDR (Note- no "I") planned yet. 

Anyway, that's not why I am writing today. I'm writing today because it warms my heart to see others posting old memories of the ride with some fondness. That brings me some joy, and if you were one of the few that did that- thank you! It means a lot that you cherish the memories. I know I certainly do. 

This never was a really 'big' group ride. I would say the average attendance was less than a dozen riders. A few years there we had upwards of 20-25 riders show up. One year there were only three of us! Most times there were 10-12. But regardless of how many showed up, there was always- every year- an adventure. Some times it was fun, other times it was a real slog. But there were always adventures. And where there are adventures, there are memories, and so it should come as no surprise that now these would resurface. 

"Never say never", the saying goes. I may bring this back again for fun, but as of now, I'm flying solo on this idea. Thanks to all of you out there that were a part of the past GTDRI's. I owe a lot to you all!

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MG said...

I certainly miss the GTDRI. Such great memories…