Monday, July 04, 2022

Country Views: The 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Today we pause to celebrate the birth of the USA and our Declaration of Independence. 

While this nation has its flaws, it has done some amazing things and provided opportunities for millions. 

In terms of gravel cycling, I decided it might be fun to celebrate and show off gravel from all parts of the nation which we are free to ride. 

Some of the images are not mine and I will indicate these where necessary.

Central California by Grannygear

East-Central Nebraska

Michigan- (Image courtesy of Moran 166 race)

Utah (Image courtesy of Salty and Stupid Cycling)

Pennsylvania - (Image courtesy of unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley)

Virginia - (Image courtesy of the Rocktown Rambler)

Mississippi - (Image courtesy of the Mississippi Gravel Cup)

Wisconsin (Image courtesy of Dairy Roubaix)

Minnesota (Image by John Ingham)

Oklahoma - (Image courtesy of Mid-South)

Vermont - (Image courtesy of the Muddy Onion)

Illinois - (Image courtesy of the Ten Thousand)


Thanks for checking these out. Wherever you live, I hope that you have your health, freedom, and a bicycle to roam on. 

Thanks for reading Guitar Ted Productions!


Tim said...

Thank you for sharing the variety of gravel goodness in the pictures! It makes me yearn to explore more of the USA on my bike. I appreciate all the effort, options, ideas, insights, and humanity you invest in this blog. I will continue reading.

Guitar Ted said...

@Tim - Thank you! I appreciate your thoughts.

NY Roll said...

I give permission in the future for you to use my NY gravel pictures for stuff like this. WNY has gravel, albiet 1 mile at a time and on a good ride, I can plot out 2-4 miles of th gravel goodness, but it exists. I am guessing Southerntier has more abundant gravel.

DT said...

@NY Roll - Hungry Hollow Road outside of Prattsburgh!