Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday News And Views

Checking Out Some Things: I'm slated to have a busy weekend coming up. I have resurrected the Dirty Blue Box and it should be back in my hands today for it's annual gravel duties. I'll be putting it to use doing some finer recon on the Trans Iowa course. With the recent deluge of precipatation, I'll be able to get a handle on how some parts of the course have responded, in case we have rain for T.I.V4. Stay Tuned........

Getting The Ride Together: Another thing I've been tweaking on, and that I've mentioned before, is the Dirty Kanza rig. I've got some stuff bolted together and I hope to roll it on some gravel for testing this weekend. Sunday most likely. I sometimes look at the bikes I am considering, and I probably look like I've become paralyzed. That belies all the activity going on in my brain as I assemble and re-assemble these two rigs in different configurations, adding or subtracting bits and pieces, considering nutrition and hydration, figuring out the whole and how it might work. Mike Curiak calls it thinkering. Man, it can be exhausting work.......really. I hope to start the process of elimination and hone in on a set up soon.

Trans Iowa Details: Besides the field work on T.I.V4 I have some organizational work concerning volunteers, photographers, and equipment necessary to put on the event. David Pals is working feverishly on the course turns and getting everything detailed out for cue sheet production. Prizing has rolled in with some still on the way. We have to stuff race packets yet, after the cue sheets are done. Final details on the pre-race are still to be nailed down. must be two weeks to Trans Iowa!

And Finally.... I leave for Sea Otter in a few days. So, packing up for that event is also on the agenda, but I might have to put that off till Monday night. I don't know, I think I've got a few things on the plate for this weeekend, so maybe I should hold off on that. (!Ha !)

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