Thursday, January 08, 2009

Odds And Ends

Here are some tidbits I've got to clear outta my brain today. Have fun with this stuff!

Trans Iowa V5: Go to the Trans Iowa site and check out the post from 1/7/09 and read carefully. We need your assistance in getting a sponsor some info for your schwag bag. (I know, I know! Just yesterday I said schwaggage was going to suck this year, but not at Trans Iowa apparently!)

Big Wheel Deals: Got the itch to upgrade your wagon wheels? Building up a 29"er and need something special in some hoops? Go here and look around. Big Wheel Deals is Mike Curiak's "sale blog" where you will find wheels that need homes from overstock, show bikes, and even some super cool, proto stuff that Mike is through with from time to time. In fact, right now there is a set of cool snow goin' 29"er wheels with tires. Getcher self sum!

Ergon Introduces The BC3 Back Pack: Finally, Ergon has released the waterproof, live-outta-it-fer-days back pack for you back country bicycling adventurers. I wrote up a post on it over at The Bike Lab. I will say here that it looks pretty well thought out with better access to pockets, what looks like a redone sternum strap anchor, and they even threw in a built in emergency whistle on that sternum strap. You could even use it for commuting, especially now that the fabric is waterproof, and you can get a whole shower inside of the thing. Well, maybe not a whole shower, but a whole change of clothes and some Irish Spring for sure! . J-kove must be influencing the designs over there at Ergon now because the BC3 is in "Kerkove Nation" approved black.

Okay, that's all I got today. I hope your area is rideable and warmer than here!

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