Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday News And Views

<===Velocity U.S.A. just picked themselves up a quality worker.

Just got word that my former co-worker A-Lo was hired on as a wheel builder at Velocity U.S.A. Nice! They got themselves a quality dude right there.

Congrats A-Lo! Build 'em true!

<===Proof that drops were meant to be the drops!!

Take a look at this replica TDF racer made to look like a 20's era road machine. Notice anything weird? Hmm.......let's take a look. Flared drops- check! Brake levers set low so you can reach 'em from the drops- check! Bar wrap only on the drops- Check! And no way would you ride on the hoods because, well..........there aren't any!

See, back then roads were rougher, gravel, and dirt. You were better off holding on the drops, since that is what they were made for. Positioning was such that you could sit there in the drops all day........comfortably!

Some modern companies say, "Our entry level road bikes have the same geometry as our top of the line rigs!" Like that is something good. Uhh......last time I checked the average cyclist had a body geometry totally unlike the Pro cyclists. So what makes ya'all think that entry level road riders should have Pro geometry? Stupid, I tell ya. Just plain dumb.

Might as well saw off the drops on 99.5% of all recreational road bikes as the position is ridiculous for most riders. Even if they could ride there, it wouldn't be for long, and it would hurt. Badly. C'mon bike companies. Get the designs right, like they did back in the 20's, when you could use the drops easily, and it made rougher road riding fun, instead of painful. And heck, folks could use all of their handle bar, instead of about ten percent of it.

<===New, ginormous, and rumored to be coming here!

Out in Colorado lives this dude that spends a lot of time inventing stuff. He would call it "thinkering". Okay- whatever. I just say the guy is a genius of mountain biking innovation, although he would quickly dismiss this statement. At any rate, he has the good fortune of being able to pull the right strings, push the right buttons, and grease the right wheels to have things done. Needless to say, some pretty cool stuff is showing up out in his neck of the woods.

One of those things is this new meaty tire called the WTB Dissent. It is a 2 ply, 2.5 inch wide, burly knobbed tire meant for abuse and down hill chunk riding. Check out the knobs on that casing! Huge? Yes!

So, it would seem that the kindly "thinkerer" out in Colorado has seen fit to get me one of these to check out. I am to pick it up at I-Bike soon. Hopefully it all pans out since this will be the biggest 29"er tire to date, not to mention the toughest and knobbliest. We'll see if it clears my fork brace, 'cause if it doesn't, I'll be shopping for some new parts!

Speaking of Interbike, I am busy getting ready to go on Sunday. It's a short hit it fast and back sort of affair this year. I'll be back in town late Thursday and disseminating all the info I can get my grubby hands on. Till then, posts will be sparse. Hold on. It;ll be worth the interruption.

Ride those bikes and turn off the 'puters! See ya soon!

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