Thursday, October 15, 2009

Classic Fall Ride

<===You have to have a worthy bike....

So I went out Wednesday to go test out the WTB Dissent tires I had mounted up to the Salsa Cycles Big Mama out in the woods of The Camp. As I stepped outside to load up the truck, I felt a heavy drizzle.

Well, overcast skies, drizzle, and cool temperatures- what says "Fall" more than that? I figured it was appropriate, so I kept on with the preparations to leave. Once loaded up, I got into the truck and noticed that hey! I was going to need the windshield wipers to be on. Well, okay. Intermittent wipers. No big deal. It'll blow over and who knows? Maybe it isn't raining, or whatever- at all up at the Camp, ya know? So off I went.

<====.....and you gotta have leaf strewn trail in the woods....

Well those intermittent wipers became full on wipers once I hit the highway, but I figured that at 70mph, ya know, the wipers would need to be on all the way because my speed was like- you know.....making me run into more water droplets. I mean, it probably wasn't "that bad", okay.

<===....and then you have to have a heaping helping of tree color. That's a classic Fall ride!

Ahh! Who am I kidding here! This was a full on rain. Rats! And I was almost there. Okay- I figured once or twice down the big hill and I'd know enough for today. I could pack it in and come back again on the weekend. But then a strange thing happened. By the time I finished getting the tire pressure set, I didn't feel anymore rain. No mist. Nothin'!

On that note I sped off up the service road and had a blast riding the trails. I saw plenty of deer, and even chased a big ol' wild turkey up and it ran off a ways before taking flight. Later on I stopped and I could hear the sounds of the turkeys clucking and chirping to each other. Echoing off the woods and trailing off into silence. Cool!

It was slightly muddy and wet from the rain. Just enough to make it all interesting. The trail ride worked out great for testing the tires and I got in some wonderful time in the woods on a classic Fall day.

Hope that you all get one in soon too. Fall won't be around forever!

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