Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Guitar Ted "Lube-Off": Update

As promised, I am going to update ya'all now on the lube competition I started earlier in the year. As long time readers may remember, I had three lubes: Pedros Chanj, Pro Link, and Dumonde Tech on three different bikes. Let's take a look and see if we can declare a winner here.

Pedros Chanj: This was the lube that I was running on my Haro Mary XC before I sold it about three weeks ago. The Chanj lube is biodegradable and is recommended for wetter conditions. I will say this, it works just as they state. I didn't care for this lube once the trails dried up. It collected way too much dirt on the chain and cogs for my tastes. When it was snowy and really wet though, it did great. Since it's such a limited use lube, in my opinion, I place it third in the rankings here.

Pro Link: This is the lube that I have been running on the Dos Niner, and if it weren't for the Dumonde Tech, this lube would win hands down. In fact, it's hard to say it's not better. What's not to like? You don't have to clean your chain before application, (you probably should anyway, but it does work this way) it doesn't collect much dirt at all, and keeps things running smoothly in a variety of conditions. The only time it failed was on the Guitar Ted Death Ride where we got mired in some sticky, peanut buttery clay which would have put most any lube I know of to shame. This stuff is good. I give it a second place plus, if you can say such a thing!

Dumonde Tech: Okay, obviously this one is the winner here. I think that this stuff is pretty amazing. I will say that if you follow the initial application instructions to a "T", you will have success. If you do not, this stuff won't work for you like it did for me. It's a pain, but it's well worth the extra effort, in my opinion. The good news is after the initial hoo-hah, the rest is cake. Just ride until you hear the chain getting noisy, and reapply. Now this is harder than it sounds, since that chain noise can gradually creep up on you, but this is what I did. This stuff went through rain storms, dirt, gravel, and more with the chain looking completely clean. Yes, completely clean. Amazing! I only had to reapply twice, and that's a good thing because that bottle is small. (Which does make it easy to tote with you on a long ride or vacation). This stuff wins by a nose, only because of it's stellar performance in many trail conditions. It loses points; however, for it's involved initial application procedure and it's not easy to find this stuff everywhere.

That about does it for now. I plan on picking up a couple more types of lube soon to pit against the Pro Link and Dumode Tech for further research into the most superior lube of all! Suggestions are welcome.

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