Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's All About The Dirt

I'm a dirt collector. I'm not quite sure what prompted it. Something about a soil sample I'm sure. Some comment or other Mr. 24 made once I'm sure. But for whatever reason, I started taking zip-locs and collecting dirt off his bikes when he'd come in to clean them. I'd take the bag and write something like "24 Hours of Afton Dirt In A Bag". Then I started saving my own dirt too. Now we even get contributions from others!

The thing is, it's all about dirt, if you ride off road. Oh sure, there's other stuff, like rocks and roots that are fun to ride on. The thing is, that stuff doesn't reall stick to your bike and it's hard to put in a zip-loc baggie. So we stay with dirt here.

It reminds me of the trails out there to ride on when I'm knee deep in bicycle repair and it's beautiful outside. It reminds me of the joy of hitting the single track when it's ten below zero and the wind chill is negative rediculous. It makes me want to check out new places. Dirt is cool.

The little baggies of dirt also keep me thinking about trail maintenance and how that dirt needs to be taken care of. I give my time and money to the local Boy Scout Camp trails at Camp Ingawanis. It's a benefit to me, and it helps a lot of younginz find out about the joys of off roading too. It helps me to remember to take care of my local, in town trails too when ever I hit that dirt up for fun.

Dirt: It's where it's at for me.

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