Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday News and Views

Secret Project Updates: Well, several of you are wondering what is up with these two rigs since I last posted that I had possession of the frame sets. Here's the latest scoop: #1 The Pofahl single speed was delayed for a time due to a miscue in the fork build. Seems the disc tab was a bit off making installation of a caliper not line up with the rotor just right. Hey, everybody makes a mistake now and then and I was willing to wait on another go at the fork. I received information that I should be seeing the completed fork soon. Very soon! Once the fork is here, I should have a crank set on the way and a saddle too. The Pofahl should tentatively be here and getting ridden by the end of the month. #2 The Badger will take longer. Money constrints will string this build out over the winter, most likely. Being a bike shop wrench has it's drawbacks and making money in the off season is one of them! However; the wheelset is being put together as we speak. More on that later.

Alternative Cycling News Source: I came across this site recently called Bike Radar. I would have to say it's the most "magazine" like site about cycling I have ever seen. Several layers of content including road racing news, mtb news, reviews, tips, and more. All with a British tint to it. Check it out and see what you think. It's a nice break from all of those flashing border ads on that other site.

Trek World This Weekend: The annual dealer only show in Madison Wisconsin is being held this weekend. I have a special photographer and reporter that will be there covering the event for me. Look for updates and photos of Trek, Bontrager, and Fisher products coming soon!

Team Stoopid Update: Well, the four man 12 hour team for the 24hrs of Seven Oaks is set. We're all riding rigid single speeds. Three Surlys and my Inbred. I guess I had to be different! Plus I'll probably be the only one on 29 inch wheels, so I'll really stand out. A meeting has been scheduled for sometime this weekend at an undisclosed location so we can concoct our plan of lunacy to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting endurance crowd this Labor Day weekend. I'll post more updates soon.

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