Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday News and Views

Special Note: I would like to say that my thoughts and prayers are going out to the people of Minneapolis, Minnesota this morning in regards to the terrible tragedy that occurred yesterday.

Hutchinson Pythons Are Here:
Tubeless ready, 670 grams each, and Fast Air to go inside of them! I'll be mounting these on the Mavic C29ssmax wheels here soon and geting some more info up on Twenty Nine Inches

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational: Well, all systems are "go", as far as I know. I've got my rig planned out. The Salsa Dos Niner makes the cut. I rode another bike on the 83 mile recon, and I almost brought it back, but the Dos has two things that made it a better choice in my mind. One, it has a higher handle bar set up. Several times during the recon ride I found myself putting my fingertips on the grips to alleviate a sore back. The Dos is set up right about where I need to be already, so why modify the other bike? It already works well as is for shorter rides. Secondly, the Dos has that soft tail. I will be experiencing lots of fresh (er) gravel, as I found out two weeks ago, and my rear end was getting mighty sore by the end of the ride. I figure the soft tail will help with the back as well. Plus, it's got front suspension, which should help with the hands. Speaking of which, I finally put some Ergons on the Dos. That should dial it in just fine.

Gear Updates: I should be posting up some gear updates on some of the following products in the near future. Trek's Digital Incite computer, Bontrager's Rhythm saddle, Tubeless Ready tires/wheels, and Roll Bar tool. The "Guitar Ted Lube Off" has not been forgotten and I will be posting up some final thoughts on that. Look for more on this stuff soon and on Twenty nine Inches. Also, the Mavic C29ssmax wheels, Hutchinson Python tires, and RST M-29 fork will all be posts upcoming over there on Twenty Nine Inches. I think Captain Bob will be chiming in on the Geax Saguaro tires too.

12 Hour Team Race Member? It looks as though I may be doing something "stoopid" on Labor Day weekend. That would be riding in my first 12 hour event as a team member at the 24 Hours of Seven Oaks near Boone, Iowa. Carlos got me recruited, so I blame it all on him! I'll post more details as I find out about them. I guess it's a rigid single speed team, so I would be riding the Inbred in that case. We'll see! Look for more on "Team Stoopid" in the near future!

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