Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trek World Report

Well, it was a lot of windshield time, but I had fun at Trek World '08 today. The day started off in the dark at , oh.................I don't know. Early enough! Then I used my old, old Turbo Cat 37 watt halogen lights to find my way to the garage. It was a test for the up coming 12hr team race that Team Stoopid will be raging at. Those lights have not been fired up in years, but I think they still will work okay to get me through the (maybe) two laps of darkness I'll be riding in. Anyway, I digress!

Trek World was again held at the very nice Monona Place in Madison, Wisconsin. We found the joint and quickly jumped onto the show floor. I saw the 29"ers, talked to Fisher people, Trek people, Gary Fisher, and Travis Brown. It was all good. I saw some nice new bits and got a little peek at the future. (More about that on Twenty Nine Inches)

I saw several old friends and met some that are from the "web-world", which is always a cool thing. You get to know someone's "web-personality", but it's two dimensional and actually meeting them is always so much better.

Take Arleigh Jenkins for instance. She writes a blog and is a mechanic that just happens to dig 29"ers too. Well, I met her and I must say, nobody sports Chuck Taylors like she does. (I mean that in the best possible way) You just do not get that from a blog. Oh yeah, and those blue eyes......intense. Things like that you are struck by. Anyway, we chatted and it was pretty cool, except she's stuck in Madtown with nothing to do because her flight got cancelled or some such thing. Yeah.....stuck in Cheeseville. Well, it could be worse. She could be stranded in Iowa! (Bonus points for group referenced here) But yeah, nice meeting you Arleigh. I hope the trip home is swift and safe! (Cute puppy, by the way!)

So, the Charlotte, NC connection didn't stop there. Oh no! Check out my pic on the blog today. I think someone is trying to tell me something!

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