Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bike Lust

<===If it's bigger it must be better, right?
Lately there has been an uptick in the activity in the 36"er world. Okay......."world" might be too strong a word here. Let's see......how about "corner"? Heh heh!
Anyway, the thing is, I want one of these bikes. I haven't pulled the trigger yet because, well......there still is some figuring out to do. While I think they are cool as is, the advancements in the design and technology are still in flux. I'm waiting it out, but you may ask, "Why"? Well, let me tell you!
Fun: I don't know anbody who doesn't like fun. This bike has "fun" in spades. If you don't smile after riding this rig, you are a certified curmudgeon, and are to be avoided at all costs. Ask Carlos, who rode this very 36"er last winter and tried not to smile as he did it. Guess what? He came back with a grin despite himself. Who wouldn't want to own a contagious fun machine? I know I would!
It's a great bicycle: As bicycles go, a 36"er is pretty cool. It can carry momentum like crazy, it is super stable, and rolls over curbs like they were not there! I can see the 36"er as being a great commuter rig too. I mean, who wouldn't see those hoops rolling down the road? Plus gravel grinding would be another realm altogether with these monsterous circles rolling underneath you.
It's different: Yeah....................'nuff said!
So, someday I'm going to have to add one of these to the stable. It just makes too much sense not too! Or so I think.

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