Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Noisey Neighbor

It is summertime and the "construction season" is in full swing. Roads are detoured all across the Mid West. Folks are busy cleaning up and starting to rebuild around here, of course. Lots of building, renovating, and........tearing down is going on.

I know that a couple bicycle shops have their streets in front of them torn up with all sorts of "construction noises" to put up with. Well, the shop I work at has a neighboring store that is moving to the other side of us. They are demolishing the building there to rebuild a new facility. The level and kinds of noise we have had over the past couple of days has been, well..........rather unique, to say the least.

They moved in one of those crane apparatuses that is fitted with a huge bucket/jaw that can crunch, tear, and bash in a building in an amazing number of ways. This machine, which looks like an angry mechanized dinosaur, has been pretty busy next door making thunderous noises, rending crashes, and even shaking our walls from time to time. It is a bit disconcerting to be truing a wheel and suddenly hear this thing which seems as if it will crash through our walls at any minute.

Then the crew over there managed to start a fire which didn't get going until they were gone on break. The resulting commotion was short lived and the fire was put out promptly, but it was certainly a bit of a concern there for a bit.

I suppose there will be more construction goodness to deal with over the next few months, but I'll bet it won't be as chaotic as the last couple of days has been. At least, I hope not!

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