Thursday, June 12, 2008

What To Do? Part II

First of all, for those of you who are not aware, the situation regarding flooding here in the Mid-West, Iowa, and right here in the area I live in is intensifying. More rain, (it is raining as I type this) is hitting the area which is already suffering from the worst flooding in known history.

Add to this the threat of severe weather and more killer tornado activity where we have already suffered greatly from both. I find it hard to write anything today that is not related to what is happening all around me.

I want to take this opportunity to respond back to all of you who have reached out in the comments and through e-mail. Thank you. I greatly appreciate your thoughts and concerns. Myself and my family are safe and the home we live in is safe. I would ask that you keep the people of this area in your thoughts and prayers as many are not so fortunate here.

In regards to the announcement concerning The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo, look for an official statement on Twenty Nine Inches later today. Unofficially I will say that I think it is obvious what we're going to do with that.

Okay, sorry for such a bummer post, but I really can't bring myself to write anything other than what I have this morning. Let's hope and pray for an end to all this.

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