Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday News And Views

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo Update: Just found out that Turner Bikes is sending up a few Sultans in three sizes for demo purposes at the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo. This should be pretty cool. A bike designed by one of the sports longest running FS companies at the tough Decorah Trails. Should prove to be veeery interesting!

In other Ballyhoo news, the trails are being prepped as we speak to get them ready, but the weather keeps blowing down branches, whole trees, and generally making a mess every other day. The guys are frantically trying to keep pace with the wreckage and we hope that everything clears up in time. Last Wednesday I didn't run into any hang ups, but apparently there is some on other trails.

And Speaking of Weather! Two nights in a row now we've had soaking downpours and severe weather in the area. It's getting long in the tooth, but what's worse is that our local trails are suffering from flooding and water saturation. It sucks. Not to mention, it guarantees mosquitoe populations will be high throughout the summer. Great! I hope you all don't get a flat out in the woods!

So, It's Too The Gravel I Go! Yep, long ride on gravel is on tap again this weekend. Don't have a clue when I'll go other than to say Saturday mornings are really not workable right now. Look for a report later in the weekend though. I'm planning on the next dirt session at Decorah next Wednesday. At least the trails up there deal with all this wetness well and the mosquitoe population is very small. Not much standing water around those parts! Even during high water times. In fact, I'll probably be going back that way for quite a while judging from the recent weather events!

I hope everyone has a great weekend of riding where ever you are!

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