Thursday, June 05, 2008

Decorah Ride Report

Well, I decided not to listen to the weatherman. Good thing, or I'd have missed out on a fun little ride up in Decorah, IA yesterday. This is where The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo will be held in a couple weeks. I wanted to see if the recent storms had caused any concerns and how the trails were shaping up. I hit up the Palisades Trail, as that was a big part of last years Ballyhoo goings on.

I sported the new Salsa Cycles jersey. It has a great slimming effect, wouldn't you agree?

One of the cooler things that has happened on a ride to me was this. A deer and it's fawn ran across the trail in front of me. The fawn couldn't have been over a day old. It was tiny and stumbled along. Heck, it may have been born just hours prior to me seeing it. Anyway, as soon as the fawn hit cover, it dropped and played possum while the mother deer tried to lure me into a chase. Look closely at the center of the pic. As always, you can click to make it bigger.

Recent rains and a bad tire selection made these steep ups unrideable. Expect several of these if you come to ride in Decorah! It'll work you over good. Keep in mind that the downhills are just as steep, and slippery when wet!

Lots of wildflowers out now. Here is a fine example.

Check out my report on mtbr for more pics and verbiage.

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