Friday, September 16, 2011

The Exit Strategy

Which one would Goldilocks choose?
Okay, so it's over. I walked out.....

No, I'm okay with Mrs. Guitar Ted, my job is cool, and I'm doing all those silly website things yet. So, what am I talking about?

Vegas, baby!

Yes, I really did walk out too. I went out for a bite to eat with Ben Witt and his mechanic, Curtis. Then I walked from the Fashion Mall just past Treasure Island to Mc Carran International Airport on foot.

It wasn't all that bad, really, and it was one bit closer to home under my own power. Most of it was down the crowded Strip, but the last bit was on lonely sidewalks strewn with broken glass and trashed papers for escort girls. It would have made a good scene for a movie.

I came up on a solitary young women in a dress. She gave me a furtive glance and hurriedly walked away. I don't blame her. I don't suppose they see to many big oafs dragging a rolling suitcase and a messenger bag this far off the Strip in the evening. Yeah.....that was probably weird!

Interbike. Wow, what can I say. It was anti-climatic. I saw Geoff Kabush signing autgraphs. There was one guy in the line. If there was a crowd of people around a booth, you could figure on one of two things was going on: First- the booth had beer. Second- They were giving something away. Otherwise it was a sparse crowd both days I was there.

Speaking of beer......I have a report from the Ergon Techno Party Thursday afternoon coming soon. Stay tuned.......I have this little thing with an airplane or two to take care of first!


Yokota Fritz said...

It's only $2 for the bus to the airport, Mark! Both the 108 and 109 go there. -Fritz

SiouxGeonz said...

anti-climatic? Not liking that climate? Happy flight!

Guitar Ted said...

@Yokota Fritz: It wasn't about money. I actually like walking long distances. I get to see and experience things you can't on a bus.

Now of course, had there been a bicycle I could have used......