Saturday, September 17, 2011

Techno Talk

The last day of Interbike that I attended was really odd. there wasn't anything really significant that needed following up on. I had a few appointments that were good, and a few nice vendor visits. Oddly enough,pockets of the show were really hopping, but these were rare. For the most part, I just didn't see the level of activity I'd seen in years past.

Panda Express eatin' with a titanium Salsa Cycles spork!
So, after all the important business was done, it was only noon and I had the rest of the afternoon to do "whatever".

Now in the past couple of years, I hadn't done anything on day two of the indoors show because I went home after day one. So, this extra time was new to me, and it was nice. I got to actually spend time talking with people more.

Then I realized what I hadbeen doing the past two years was a mistake. Yes, I saved a night's stay at a hotel, and got home a day earlier, but I had short-circuited my relationships. I was too busy getting work done, (and even at that, I wasn't doing all that great in my mind), and the relationships were not there.

Not cool. Not this year.

Ultra-covert, Vegas style
I got a chance to talk with the owner of Ergon, for example. This was a rare opportunity to see inside the inner workings and philosophy of a company "straight from the horse's mouth", as it were.

He took me through three of their new products in minute detail and with all the technical aspects explained very well. What a cool education on Ergon products, and even more: To be able to see the passion and drive that comes from the top of the organization. Very inspired!

Of course, I got to chat with Jeff, and have a few words from some of the others in the company as well. Then it was off to pester the Twin Six guys, and after that, the Salsa Crew. It was all nice to be able to take the time to do.  And it was fun too.

The meetings were all more relaxed too. I guess I thought it was tied into the low attendance, but maybe it was also that I wasn't feeling pressured into getting everything squeezed into one day indoors. 

That made the Outdoor Demo stuff seem more fun in the past too, I think. Still, wit the oddball weather, and some companies packing up early, this years Outdoor Demo was something of a bust in terms of bicycles and the people.

Jeff puttin out the vibe.
The products are all cool, sure. There was a lot of neat bits and a few really cool bicycles, but in the end, people are what makes the whole show worth going for, and I guess in that way, Interbike is like a funeral. It seems to be the only time we all get together, but it isn't for a reason we all would like, (nor in a place we all really like).

I just wasn't seeing that the past few years, and honestly, I didn't stay an extra day this year because of that, but I would do it this way again for sure. No more rush-rush. And for what? Just to save a day and one night's hotel fee? That isn't worth it. (Well, if you could see the cheapo-dive I rented this year, you would understand!

Then there was the "Tecno Party".

Team Dicky rolls Vegas style!
At four in the afternoon, Ergon had a booth party based on the theme of techno music, specifically Kraftwerk, who hail from Germany, just like Ergon does.

I had met Rich Dillen earlier that afternoon, better known to some as "Team Dicky", or "Bad Idea Racing". (By the way, how does a "bad idea" race? I dunno.) Anyway...

Mr. Dicky was actually a nice guy, if you want to know. I had a nice, long chat with the guy. It wouln't have happened at all if I had done the old plan for Interbike. I also wouldn't have gotten to talk with fast racer types like Namrita O'Dea, (Left here in the image), Sonya Looney, (right here in the image), and some very nice young lass from Scotland whose name escapes me now.

The party finished out with DJ Birtch and I comparing laughs for the camera. Then, like I said yesterday, I headed out for some dinner and walked to the airport to start my journey home.

As I type this Friday evening, I have still yet to catch more than five minutes of shuteye. Time for a long nap! Good memories from this year's Interbike, but it was all about people, not about bikes so much.

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Scott said...

Really liked this one. The people. The relationships. Thank you.