Monday, September 19, 2011

The Gathering

Okay, I have a new plan for the fall/winter involving two wheels. Two huge, big wheels. This plan has been hinted at, but now "The Gathering" has begun.

Well, that should be a dead give away!
The first bit of the plan had to happen because I committed to a certain frame a while back that I have salted some ducats away for. Of course, one might guess by the image here what sort of bicycle that might be.

But rims are one thing. I need to come up with some other stuff as well. What's great about the stuff in this image is that I traded for all of it and so that part has been pretty painless so far.

These are not Surly rims. These are Fatback 70mm wide Uma II rims and are pretty dang nice. The plan is for these to live on the Snow Dog which is going to end up becoming the "Trail Dog" since that bike will eventually be used for trail duty in spring, summer, and fall. 

The current Snow Dog wheels will be going on the new rig, whenever it gets here. The handle bar will likely be on the summer rig, but maybe not......(See next image!)

FSA In The House
I got these FSA components to check out and review. The seat post, stem, and handle bar are all from the "SLK" line of carbon and aluminum components.

The seat post has that flashy outer weave, and so does the handle bar. The stem is aluminum for the most part, and only has the face pate in carbon.

The head set likely won't work in my new frame, but I show it here to add that I think red ano bits are going to be the theme on this frame.

I only need some spokes, a hub set, tires, a fork, a head set, grips, and a new saddle to kit out this frame. The drive train is waiting, I have brakes, and other small bits and pieces.

Stay tuned for more on this as yet un-named project soon......

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Vito said...

I'm looking forward to seeing and reading about the progress on this project.