Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Fun Never Stops Around Here

Thru-axle rigid conundrum
And You Thought It Was Over: Interbike is still a very real part of my life these days. Everyday I deal with the informational fall out from the four days of the show I attended.

More stories, more words, editing pictures, and posting it all up. It is amazing to me that while I was there, I thought I wasn't working hard enough to get more info. Now I am glad that I didn't!

And even in a down time for the economy, the bicycle people are still geeking out on the new stuff, and buying it. (Production bicycles, that is. Not what I was talking about at all yesterday.)

How do I know this? E-mails. I'm getting more than a few since Interbike. Folks are starting to look at the really nice 29"ers and saying they will be buying soon. Interesting to me, since traditionally bike sales get less and less as the Fall comes on. Hmm... who knows?

But enough of that. The point is, I have plenty to go through yet before I can say,"Interbike is over."

And that isn't all. Interbike is fading, but Trans Iowa is coming on strong. I have several plans in my mind, and I have to get on the stick and get them in motion. Oh, I have a few bricks in the wall up already. Couple of solid volunteers, a bit of the route done, but I need to amp up the efforts coming into mid-fall so I can have this route bagged by the end of October. That's the master plan.

Then, as winter rolls in, I'll have time to do the cue sheets in advance, get people reg'ed up, and do whatever details I need to do. Get ready to start hearing more about Trans Iowa soon.

Onward Into The Fog!
So, beyond that, there is the regular house work before winter. Then there is the riding to get in. I've got a lot of bicycle testing coming up, trust me!

It's all good, but it never seems to slow down. It seems like it was just the other day when I was riding in summer heat. Time has flown, and next thing ya know, I'll be riding in snow, and 2011 will be done.

Yeah, the fun never stops. It sure beats the heck out of what I used to do. Wrenchin' on cars and trucks. Baggin' groceries and stockin' shelves. Goin' to college and drinkin' waaaay too much beer. Yup, this beats that stuff hands down. I'm not complaining, but sometimes I am just amazed at how much is going on, and how fast it makes the time fly by.

That's a tiny peek into the whirlwind that is Guitar Ted Productions. There is more though. Much more. But I won't bore ya'all with that. This is enough.


Ari said...

I really don't know how you manage all the stuff you do. You sure do have multi-tasking down!

Guitar Ted said...

@Ari: Can I share that comment with my wife? :>)

Thanks for the thoughts though. And by the way, Slender Fungus is doing a bang up job of making cycling look like a lot of fun from where I'm sitting. Ride On!

S Sprague said...

Nice Fog photo GT!

I'm with @Ari, you must have your plate full. Great Job!