Thursday, September 15, 2011

Indoors, Out Of The Rain

More rain in Vegas. We woke up to find this river 9 stories down from our balcony and it was still raining. We dodged it as much as we could as we went to find the Denny's up the Strip from where we are staying.

The breakfast was good, and then we trekked over to the Sands via the Venetian and Palazzo hotel and casino. The opulence of these places is just bizzarre.

Anyway, so we go into the show. I noticed that I could easily move around the show floor without pulling out my best "Walter Payton" moves. Weird. Maybe folks were sleeping in? I didn't know. It never really reached the point where getting around folks was an issue, or that getting photos was difficult. Hmm......that isn't usual for Interbike, I'm thinking.

Vendors weren't really motivated to do anything other than hang out, shoot the breeze, or in some cases, crack open the beers. (I saw my first beer consuming marketing manager before noon!)

Let's see, what else was odd......

Not many cool 26"ers. A big buzz was the Fox dropper post that was revealed. Hmm......and Barry Bonds was a big draw for attention at the show. Yes......the baseball player. 

So, is that weird or what? I dunno, but something ain't right in this town. 

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