Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Popular Post And Other Ramblings

I have stats I look at and they tell me all sorts of goofy things. One of the most amazing things, (to my mind), is the fact that for almost a month now this little post about fat bike tires has consistently been a top five hit on this blog.

Yes- weird huh?

Salsa, Paul Components- More hubs better than Phil for Phatness

In other fat biking news: Hub and gadget maker Paul Components is said to have acquiesced to making some fat bike hubs due to someone's insistence that they do such a crazy thing. Details are not substantiated, and this may be a hoax, for all I know, but if in fact it is true, this will be beyond anything I would have thought possible only a few hours ago.

  • New front WHUB that will be rear brake compatible
  • Rear hub at 170mm with a cassette designed to fit up to 10 cogs.
  • Freehub internals by Industry 9 (!)
Sound too good to be true? Might be, and I do know some that will poo-poo that it is Paul Components doing this, because their hubs have "terrible seals", but I haven't had such issues with mine that have been through several winters.

That said, this could open up a whole new avenue for fat bikers to get wheels for symmetrical standard fat bike frames.

It's Over....But It Isn't Over!

Space Horse!
  While the show may be over, and the boxes are being shipped back all over, my job is still in full-on overdrive mode. I've got images to process through, stories to assemble, and posts to edit.

Yeah, I the "wah"mbulance! Too bad I had to go to Interbike and see all the cool stuff, eh?

Well, I am just saying that the lack of real content here may start cropping up because I am furiously trying to complete this back-log of info and get it "passed through" the system. It's kind of like a media version of indigestion, or worse.

To borrow a phrase from Mike Curiak, This place needs an enema!

Once everything passes...(<====Ha!), I'll be able to scale back the manic editing and writing and get back to some riding. For once....

One of the things I just processed through last night was the Devin Lenz piece that I wanted to write up. Devin is the guy that with Mike Curiak's push, developed the long travel 29"er, oh.........about five years ago now.  You know all those 5" travel rigs that are coming out now? They all owe their existence in some small way to Devin and his Behemoth and Lunchbox long travel 29"ers.

Devin himself is a soft-spoken, engineering type of guy that seems the most unlikely of guys to ever do anything as radical as make a long travel 29"er in the face of a maelstrom of "you can't do that" criticism. But he did, and it just "is". Which is to say, long travel 29"ers are for real.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ride: 

Here's a worthy cause that the shop I work at is supporting, and is being done nationwide. Following are some details:

Since 2006, Trek Women, dealers and thousands of cyclists have raised more than $360,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). The rides are very casual and appropriate for the whole family, and all of the $25 registration fee goes to BCRF. Europa Cycle is hosting this annual event on Saturday, October 8, 2011. The goal is to have over 5,000 cyclists across the nation joining together on the same day, at the same time to raise awareness for breast cancer. Can you help us by attending? If you have another commitment that day, please consider registering & donating the $25 fee. The ride will begin & end @ Europa Cycle (4302 University Ave., CF) and has 2 ride options: 10 mile trail ride or a 25 mile road ride. $25 fee with 100% of the fee going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The ride start time is 10 a.m. Helmets are required.

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Fred Blasdel said...

lol — PAUL hubs actually have seals, unlike Phil!

(no, the dust shields on their standard industrial cartridge bearings are not seals)