Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Little Something Something Or Another

Oh! Before I get wrapped up in another day of Interbike, and then start fixin' ta head on home, I had a couple of  images I wanted to share that I thought were cool.

Okay, so here's the Twin Six frame done in conjunction with Raleigh. It's much like Raleigh's aluminum single speed cross bike only with a T-6 graphic package and Gates Carbon Drive.

Brent from Twin Six was grousing a bit because all their cool graphic stuff is so super subtle on this frame that it is nigh unto impossible to photograph.

Well, that's what he said. I walked over and BAM! Bang on and as you can see, the graphics are killer. (Click to make larger-ish)

This will be available soon through Twin Six as a frame, fork, and perhaps a complete Gates Carbon Drive Center Track set up, or as a frame/fork through any Raleigh dealer.

Super limited edition, of course, and this would make a killer gravel road rig that would be fairly different. (Well, okay, really different!) I can speak to this frame and fork, having once had a Raleigh Rainier themed one, and it rides well enough. The frame clearances are tighter than I'd like, as a 38mm is a squeeze and you have to run the tire all the way back in the track ends to get it to fit, but that may be okay for a lot of guys out there that don't need the really fat tires on the cross/gravel set ups.

Shout out to mw. Team Soulcraft!
Carbon, carbon, carbon, full suspension, carbon, wheels, fork, carbon, carbon, hey! Wait a minute!

What's that warm orange glow with those skinny tubes and tasty graphics sitting over there?

Why, it is a steel hard tail 29"er single speed! 

Once upon a time, I thought I'd never see the end of steel hard tail single speed 29"ers, but this Soulcraft 29"er was like a breath of fresh air amongst a sea of "yawn".

This one has the super sano swinging drop out to tension the chain and keeps the back end of this great looking bicycle clean a "hard tail proper", if ya know what I mean.

Anyway, there wasn't another bike at the show yesterday that stopped me dead in my tracks due to its allure. That should tell you something right there. Nice stuff Soulcraft!

Okay, gotta run. More later!


Hans said...

And just what are those enormous hubs in the background?

mw said...

best handling bikes ever!

gtcooper said...

pretty bike, but I think the hubs in the next display over look very interesting. Someone must be thinking REALLY fat bike for those hubs. :) What are they really for?

MMcG said...

Sweet Soulcraft - but what's the story behind those Giant Chubhubs to the right of the bike??

Guitar Ted said...

@Hans, @gtcooper, @MMcG, I don't see anything but an orange Soulcraft. Sorry, but I have no idea of what these "hubs" you mention are all about. ;>)