Friday, September 02, 2011

Trans Iowa V8 News

Temporary Header!
Cease And Desist! If you have gone to the Trans Iowa V8 site recently, you'll have noticed a plain chrome "V8" logo where once there was a funny header based on.....well, that's what landed us in hot water! 

I removed it promptly, and Jeff is going to work up something less  "corporate unfriendly", so to speak. Stay tuned for that.

FAQ Page: I have added a "Frequently Asked Questions" page. It is linked in the right margin of the site. Take a look and if you can think of a question that should be included, shoot me a comment here, or an e-mail.

A few pointers: The FAQ is for basic, general stuff, so don't get real specific if you want to contribute. Otherwise, it is a great way to share some knowledge of the event with new folks, or those that are just curious.

I'll be adding on to it as things come to mind. Stay tuned.........


shiggy said...

No surprise to me.

Next C&D may be from Detroit! (probably not)

Doug G said...

Corporations are "people" with no sense of humor.

Jerry said...

could you post the cease and desist notice? or would that be in bad taste? it was cool while it lasted.

Bruther said...

A local city council candidate here in Burlington used the Campbells soup label on buttons (his last name is Campbell) and got a similar letter.