Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday News And Views

New 29-3
The 29-3 Becomes One:

The Bontrager 29-3 tires, a front/rear specific design that featured two completely different tires, is no more. Now the 29-3 has been completely redesigned and is one tire for front or rear.

Whew! That's probably a good thing, since trying to explain to folks that two completely different tread designs were the same model was confusing at best. Besides, the "rear" specific 29-3 was not all that popular anyway.

The new 29-3 is a 2.3" wide, (claimed), width, which is spot on for an all arounder. It looks the part too, with blocky tread dispersed across the carcass of the tire in a chevron-like pattern. The claimed weight on the Team Issue is 730 grams and it is a TLR tire as well. There are two other versions, a folder, which is heavier, and a wire bead version.

29-3 tires are available now from your nearest Bontrager dealer.

Chris King Limited Run Purple Components:

If you are like me, you like anodized, colorful mountain bike and road components.  If you are not with me on the color thing, skip this section!

Starting now and ending on December 10th, Chris King is taking pre-orders on a special offering of selected components including bottom brackets, hubs, and head sets. Once the pre-order window closes, Chris King will manufacture the parts ordered, and delivery is set for early next year. For a list of parts and more details, see the Twenty Nine Inches post here.

This probably won't happen again, so if you've been hollerin' for purple this or that, better get yer self down to the LBS and get that order in.

Trans Iowa News; 

If you have not been over to the Trans Iowa site lately and you are interested in this event, you might want to check it out. I've posted new information on the course, cut off times, and important information regarding the Pre-Race Meat-Up and more.

Monday the Registration for Finishers only will begin. Look for a roster update Monday evening. Starting the week after next, post cards from Veterans should start rolling in, and the following week after that we should see the Rookie class post cards showing up. Remember- the Trans Iowa site has fine details listed which you need to adhere to if you want your entry to count.

3GR: The ride is on as long as it doesn't rain at 8:30am at Gateway Park's parking lot, and going on the "usual" route. Hope to see anyone interested there.

Have a great weekend! Ride yer bicycles!


cornfed said...

I am a huge fan of the Maxxis Ikon tires of which this new Bontrager tread almost mimics to a T but with bit larger knobs. Our Trek rep recently gave me a pair of the team issue 29-3's to test out. Should prove to be a perfect fall/winter "Ikon".

Tyler Loewens said...

Now if only there was a good replacement for the XDX tire that I love so much.

Unknown said...

Loving the 29-3's so far in "Team Issue" variety. Fast, big, and grippy, they tick all of my favorite boxes.