Thursday, November 22, 2012

Trans Iowa V9: Registration Update

A bit of T.I. Cheer
Registration Update:

Trans Iowa V9 is nearing the completion of its registration phase. As of Wednesday, there were 16 spots left up for grabs for the Rookie Class.

Of course, today there is no mail. Friday and Saturday remain and after this, Registration will close whether all the spots get claimed or no.

Will we get to 120 riders? Likely we will. I know of a few cards still on the way. If the roster falls short of 120, at least I'll know that everyone that wanted a spot got one. Remember- there is no Waiting List, and no transfers of spots either.

Post Registration: 

Of course, all that remains for you, if you got on the roster, is to train. Ride lots of miles, fret over equipment choices, and make your plans for the weekend of T.I.V9. It sounds simple, but Trans Iowa is still a long ways off yet- 5 months or so, and a lot can happen in that time. 

Another Registration gift. (Thanks!)
One thing I ask of you if you are on the roster for T.I.V9: Please let me know as soon as possible if you end up finding out you can't make it, or decide not to come. It would save me lots of time and money in preparations.

Otherwise, I'll be finishing up recon, (after I get a new set of tires on my truck!), and then the process of getting cue sheets done will take place. I'll be asking for Volunteers soon, and of course, the Pre-Race Meat-Up will be finalized.

Closer to Trans Iowa I will be contacting all of you on the roster to confirm that you are coming, and to get menu choices for the Pre-Race dinner finalized. Then it will come down to the nitty-gritty.

But before all of that there has to be this registration and the final two days should be interesting. Then to the recon for me. Of course, I'll be holding my Trans Iowa thoughts here for ya'all to read along the way as we go forward into 2013. Thanks for all the interest so far, and I look forward to getting a great course squared away for ya'all to ride on. There will be some good surprises, and this course will have an entirely different feel than last years did. I'm pretty excited about it.

Lots of great stories and things going on behind the scenes here. As always, it is a very rewarding and eye opening pursuit, otherwise I wouldn't do what I do. Take care, and if you have any questions, please comment here or e-mail me and I will respond.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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MG said...

To say I'm excited is a huge understatement! Thanks for all your hard work making TI a reality, Brother!!