Monday, February 11, 2013


HED Gravel wheels
I spent the weekend mostly down and out with a really bad head cold. It sucked the life outta me, so no bicycle riding, and being under the watchful eye of Mrs. Guitar Ted, (a Registered Nurse), I wasn't going to disobey orders to rest. Not that I would have. I really felt nasty.

Well, whatta ya do then? being a bit behind on writing, that is what I did, for the most part, when I wasn't in bed resting, that is. I am getting caught up on stuff, so that was at least something accomplished for the weekend.

One of the things needing done was a re-write of a submission for "Cyclocross Magazine", which should come out in a couple months. That was kind of a surprise assignment, as I thought it was done, but I got right on it. The next couple of things I am pretty excited to have coming out soon.

The first thing is that finally, the bag that many of you have asked me about on the front of my BMC "Orange Crush" rig will be written up in a review soon. That's been something that's been pushed back a few times, but if this date is solid that I got, you can look for that review at the beginning of March. Only a few short weeks away.

Then there is the wheel set on the bike in the image above. It came from HED Wheels and is a new product they are going to introduce at NAHBS soon that is especially for gravel grinding. They asked me to try a pre-production set late last Fall and I rode them until the snow flew. Look for the two part review on Gravel Grinder News this week, and I'll have more to say about those wheels here after that comes out.

And hopefully I feel better soon so I can start riding again too!


coastkid said...

Get well soon!

Michael_S said...

finally some news on the front bag!
It will work great on my new Raphael Adventure bike.

Adam said...

Looking forward to the HED review. In a somewhat related note, have you seem the info on the new Pacenti SL23 rims? Pretty interesting... Moved to the top of my short list.

Adam said...

Also, what kind of luck have you had setting up the MSO's tubeless? Any advice or setup info would be appreciated!

Guitar Ted said...

Adam: I ran my MSO's too long tubed, which stretched the bead, and made going tubeless hard/impossible with what I have. Stan's Crest EX would probably do the trick, but I don't have access to those rims now.

New MSO tires- now then I could do it easier. I can tell you that the USH tires I set up tubeless had porous sidewalls- making setting those up tubeless more difficult. i suspect the MSO's would be something similar in level of difficulty- but not impossible.