Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trans Iowa V9: Thoughts On The Pre-Race Meat-Up #2

Prize for the Men's Open Winner
Okay, listen up folks because this post is going to be packed with information for both racers and support/family/friends that come along to Trans Iowa V9. Ready? Here we go.....

First off, all participants in T.I.V9 are required to show up for the Pre-Race Meat-Up which will be held, once again, at the Grinnell Steakhouse. As I did last year, I am going to do again for this year. So, if you are already registered for T.I.V9, and you show up,  here is the plan:

Show up as soon as possible after 4:00pm to get grillin' yer meal. I want to have the meal portion of this done by 6:30pm, or shortly after. Also- During this time you should check in with Guitar Ted, (me!), and I will tick your name off the roster. This is very important, because if you are not checked in with me by 6:30pm, Friday April 26th at the Grinnell Steakhouse, you will not be racing! We will also be having you sign waivers, sign media releases, and you will get your number plate and something to attach it with.

Next- Around 7:00pm-ish, (or before if things are moving right along), everyone should be inside the main room set aside for us and we'll have a short acknowledgement of sponsors, volunteers, and then the Pre-Race meeting proper. Here I will go over any fine details on the course, the start, checkpoint #1, timing, the finish line, and answer any questions you may have. Finally, if there are any course re-routes or issues to tell you about, these will be delineated and explained at the Meat-Up.The last thing that will happen is racer call up. (Remember the check in? This is important, because if you do not check in, I won't call you up to get your cue sheets.) Anyone that checked in will get called up and receive a bag containing any sponsored nutritional/prizing things I may get, and most important of all- your first set of cue sheets.

Hopefully that will be all finished before 8:00pm, and maybe even by 7:30pm, so everyone can get out of there and catch whatever sleep they can before the 4am start in front of Bikes To You in downtown Grinnell.

NOTE: I will be sending e-mails to everyone on the roster asking for your selection for the Pre-Race meal. There will be 4 options, as before, and you will be grilling your meat or veggie kabob on a huge open grill inside the Steakhouse. The e-mails should go out sometime in March. Keep an eye on your in-boxes!

Prize for the Women's Open Winner
The Barn: 

Okay- here are some details on "The Barn", which is an old, restored 19th Century barn located on Jacob Avenue approximately 3 miles West of Grinnell. This has been graciously offered to Trans Iowa to use not only as our very unique finish line, but as a base of sorts for support folks, friends, spouses, or interested parties to hang out during Trans Iowa V9. Saturday morning, after the event has started and the sun is up, there will be a free gravel group ride for anyone that is hanging out. Expect to ride at least 75-80 miles. The route will use much of the opening miles of T.I.V9. Saturday evening, around 5pm, the Barn will open. There will be a taco truck there supplied by Tacopocalypse. There will be room for folks to set up tents and camp* near the barn, there will be fun and media entertainment in the form of updates live from Trans Iowa's course, a showing or two of "300 Miles of Gravel", and other things we are working on.

Since the Barn is remote, and up a 1/4 mile of dirt road, with zero parking designated by it, we are going to ask folks to park about a 1/2 mile away at the Jacob Krum Preserve, which has a large, spacious gravel lot. It's a nice walk, mostly down hill, to the Barn. Hopefully the weather will be decent! But once inside, you'll find things well set up, dry, well lit, and warm.

This will be open then until the last rider comes in, or until 2pm Sunday afternoon, whichever happens first. Riders will be coming in, right up the last bit of dirt road, to finish right at The Barn, so you won't want to miss that in case you have folks in the race yet, or if you have had to drop out and want to see who finished.

Okay, more details as I get things squared away, but that's the gist of what to expect at the three days that entail Trans Iowa.
*Note: As far as camping is concerned, realize that it will be primitive. There is no running water, toilet, or electricity available on site. The Jacob Krum Preserve up the road will have a toilet and maybe water. Come prepared if you are going to stay out there! You should also hit me with an e-mail if this is your plan so I can account for everyone and send a head count ahead to the Barn folk. 

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