Saturday, February 09, 2013

Trans Iowa V9: This And That #3

How's It Goin'?

Here's an update on where I stand with Trans Iowa preparations thus far:

  • The entire course has been driven once. What I saw seems pretty straightforward. I'll have some specific details later. 
  • Cue sheets have been drafted, post recon, and they have been proofread and corrected once already. In March, there will be a full course recon by an independent source using my cues as directions. (We did something similar last year) If my course checkers see anything confusing, wrong, or if they find roads closed, I can then make any corrections necessary to insure the highest possible level of accuracy on cues for T.I.V9. Hopefully they will be on par compared to last years or better. (Last year they were lauded as being "spot on".) 
  • Thanks to a T.I. Vet, Keith C, I have been gifted baggies for all the cues once they are printed. Thanks! 
  • Number Plates: I'll likely use similar ones to last year. I have a source for those and it will take a few hours to personalize them, but I think that's the direction I am headed in with those. 
  • My next big hurdle is to get the Pre-Race Meat-Up all settled. Look for details to surface on this soon....
  • Volunteers: I have Checkpoints covered. Thanks to all who stepped forward for this. I'll contact you all before the event to get you all specifics on your assignments. I still need a couple of folks for starting duties. 
That's about it right now. Things are going pretty smoothly otherwise. We will have a couple individuals out on course doing photography. Because of this, all riders will be required to sign Media Releases at the Pre-Race Meat-Up, as we have had you do for the past two Trans Iowas. I am not sure how the images may or may not be made available afterward just yet, but I do know some things are being discussed with and amongst the photographers, so stay tuned for details on that.

Last week in the T.I.V9 discussion I ran some Tire Tips. Go see that post here if you missed it. Apparently, by the numbers of hits that generated, it's pretty popular.

Finally: if you can not show up, and have to drop out of Trans Iowa- for any reason- please let me know. I will be bummed that you will not be there, but it will help me out and prevent wasting time, money, and resources.


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Roasta said...

Well I wont be there Gted, unless you want fly me over from OZ. I am no gravel grinder, more an MTB lad but today I took a side loop on gravel whilst out in the hills on my roadie. Lets just say this gravel road had not been recently graded and the corrugations just about rattled me to the bone. More interesting then the road though.
Good luck with the event.