Saturday, February 04, 2017

Minus Ten Review- 5

Perhaps the ugliest handle bars ever devised by man.
Ten years ago on the blog here I referenced a "New York Times" article which bemoaned the state of customer relations between bicycle shop mechanics and the customers. I took umbrage at their "too simplistic" viewpoint and offered up some counterpoints to their views.

Of course, I also agreed that in many cases, they were right to say what they did say. Here is a sampling of that post for review:

"On the other hand: I will say that certain of the bicycle mechanic and sales help are woefully under informed, self righteous, and downright unfriendly. I have been in several bike shops that have suffered this mentality. It's as if, "Well, if you don't know the code words and the secret handshake, then buzz off pal!" So, I can see where stuff like (that) can also be legitimate.

So, it's alot more complex than one might think. A good shop will have a knowledgeable mechanic that is most likely under payed, and expected to cover customer service, sales, teaching, managing, purchasing, researching, and student skills all in the same day. A lot of us are stressed, sure. I'm not saying, "Oh! Pity the poor, poor shop mechanic!" However; it ain't easy street either!

And to those "holier than thou" shop rats out there. Straighten up before the "Pedal Wrench of Karma" smacks you 'tween the eyes!

 Unfortunately, ten years down the road, I can honestly say that nothing has changed. There are rumors of changes, in the form of a "professional, certified bicycle mechanic's association", but in reality? Yeah..... There would need to be a major shift in the economy of this culture before bicycle mechanics are paid anywhere near the salaries of, say, car mechanics, and they don't often get what they are worth either. I know. I was one for five and a half years.

Oh, and as for that Jones H-Bar knock off by Titec?  Yeah.....  One ugly bar! Led me to get the Carbon H-Bar I have now, but man! What were they thinking when they used that cross bar?

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Ari said...

I have on that has kicked around a bunch of bikes always not fitting right. Also there is minimal room for lights and such. I am pretty sure it will end up as a hat rack