Monday, February 13, 2017

Things Are Getting Greener

Sneak preview of the Greener Monkey
This past weekend was a busy one around here. I had two guitar playing gigs at church and an evening over at another couple's home for a dinner. I also had the honor of conducting the Mechanics Class at the shop where I had some enthusiastic students. Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday, and most of Sunday were just too busy to do anything with bikes, for the most part.

I did get in a cardboard recycling run on the Big Dummy. I think the last time I rode that bike was New Year's Day. Things were pretty clear, as far as snow and ice back then and now we find ourselves right back in that same boat again. This time I feel like it just may signal the end of Winter. Anyway, it was fun to get that bike out and use it. I met some younginz at the recycling bins and one of them stopped to compliment me on my bicycle. That was nice of the young whippersnapper!

Sunday afternoon it was really windy, so I decided not to venture out in the country. Instead, I decided to start the greening of the Monkey. I had a little trouble finding the green anodized cog I had, but I did end up finding it. It is a 17 tooth and the drive ring I am using is a 38T. That's the gearing I find most appropriate for a 29"er single speed on gravel.

I have one more green component on the way, and when that arrives, I'll be finished with the "greening of the Monkey".  Stay tuned...........


blooddoc23 said...

So does that keep you from having to use a singleator?

Guitar Ted said...

@Robert Ellis- By "that", are you referring to the silver gizmo with the "Surly" branding on it? That is a "Chain tug", if it is what you are referring to. It keeps the axle from sliding forward in a horizontal drop out when torque is applied by the drive train.

It isn't a necessary item if you use bolt on hubs. I'd still use one for "insurance" though.

blooddoc23 said...

Yes that's it. Cool and thanks.